What To Do After Getting Hit By A Car

Getting hit by a car can be scary. You will be left confused, disoriented and possibly injured. If you are involved in a collision you should take the necessary safety precautions as well as carry out the required process.

However, if you have suffered serious injuries, you must first ensure that your health is taken care of. Check yourself and others for any potential injuries, and seek medical attention right away if necessary.

In this blog post, we will discuss what to do after getting hit by a car. This includes exchanging information with the other driver, what happens if you don’t exchange information after an accident, and why it’s important to always get a police report.

If You Are Involved in a Collision You Should Do The Following

To ensure, you are properly navigating this frightening situation, here are the steps you should take after getting hit by a car:

1. Exchange Information with the Other Driver and Passengers

If you are physically able to do so, you should exchange information with the other driver and any passengers. This includes getting information such as the driver’s name, address, contact number, vehicle registration number and insurance details. It’s also best practice to take pictures or videos of the accident scene in case necessary evidence is needed later on.

Also, be sure to check on the other driver and passengers for any potential injuries. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2. What Happens If You Don’t Exchange Information After an Accident

If you don’t exchange information with the other driver after a collision, you may be at risk of facing severe legal consequences. Without exchanging contact information, it will be difficult to prove who is legally responsible for damages or injuries sustained by either party. In addition, if someone was injured and there is no exchange of information involved, the insurance company won’t cover any expenses related to medical treatment.

3. Always Get A Police Report

It is always important to get a police report after an accident regardless of whether or not anyone has been injured. This way an accurate record can be made and used as evidence in court in case legal action needs to be taken down the line. The police report should include all essential details such as when and where the accident occurred, who was involved and what happened.

4. Documenting Injuries

It is essential to document all injuries sustained in the accident, as well as any medical treatments you receive for them. This includes taking photos of visible bruising and lacerations, keeping receipts for over-the-counter medications you purchase at the pharmacy and visiting specialists such as orthopedic doctors or physical therapists if your doctor recommends doing so.

Visiting a hospital after an accident also ensures that there is appropriate documentation of your injuries which can be used later on in a lawsuit.

When To Involve A Lawyer

If your injuries are severe or if the other drivers request it, you may want to consider getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer, who can evaluate the accident and advise you on your rights and options. Don’t try to negotiate a settlement solely by yourself; this could result in you accepting an amount that is far less than what you are entitled to for medical bills, property damage and other expenses.

How Long It Takes To File A Lawsuit Is On A Timer

It is important to be aware of the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. In California, you typically have two years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit with the court. If you wait any longer than that, you may risk losing your right to compensation. Be sure to take action as soon as possible to ensure your case is handled in a timely and efficient manner.

The statute of limitations in California is two years. Therefore, it is important to take action quickly to ensure any potential compensation. Filing a lawsuit within the two-year timeframe helps to ensure that your case is handled properly and efficiently, as well as for you to receive all rightful compensation for medical bills, property damage and other expenses.

Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand all aspects of the lawsuit process, as well as help you make informed decisions to receive the maximum amount of compensation. It is important to act quickly and take all necessary steps to protect your rights.

Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer in California & Get The Compensation You Deserve

Although it can be intimidating, filing a personal injury lawsuit is often the best way to ensure that justice is served and that those at fault are held accountable for their actions after getting hit by a car. With the help of an experienced attorney and a thorough understanding of California’s laws, you can make sure that your case is handled properly and that you receive all rightful compensation.

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